Unit II Journal (Cayote and Road Runner)

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In any organization, ethics are very important. They are the principles and values that people use to govern their actions and decisions. In an organization framework, a code of ethics is a set of principles that guides it in its decisions, programs, and policies. When leaders and employees adhere to the ethical standards, it is possible to achieve an ethical organizational culture. It is difficult to develop and implement business ethics into an organization due to differences in culture and atmosphere (Kaptein, 2011). In this case, there is no clear or specific way to implement a code of ethics to a business that has been in existence. It is important to include all areas of operations of business when formulating a code of ethics to make sure that stakeholders’ needs, desires, and personalities are met.

American Express, a finance company in the U.S. is an example of an organization that has successfully implemented a culture of ethical business behavior. The organizational values are strongly imbibed in the blood of employees. For instance, the company accords women higher respect and priority owing the more challenging environment for the female personality. Similarly, Microsoft ensures that employees complete an annual training on their standards of business conduct. The company updates workers on any changes in their ethical behavior, and helps them to maintain high moral standards in their positions. The apple company has not successfully implemented a culture of ethical business behavior. Some of the employees do not treat employees well especially in the online platform where they fail to respond to the reviews on time. The company can motivate the personnel to keep in touch with customers to boost sales and trust.