U.S Economic Stimulus

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Did the effort make a Difference?

Yes, the efforts of Barack Obama after assuming office made a significant difference in the country. During his first two years as a president, Barack Obama and the Democratic allies compiled a record of policy accomplishment. For instance, they restored the financial system from a brink of collapse to rescue the universal healthcare, reform financial regulations, and make fundamental changes for the student’s loan programmes. Additionally, the president created about 14 million new jobs and influenced higher auto sales. Apparently, the former American president was committed to stimulate the core sectors of the economy and make the country competitive internationally.

Is the President’s Plan working?

Yes, it is apparent that the president’s plan is still working. For instance, the healthcare cost in America is subsidized, thus, benefiting a large number of citizens. The government introduced computerized medical records that facilitate exchange of patient’s medical information. On top of that, most of the Americans have managed to secure well-paying jobs, which is a reverse of the recession period. In fact, most people operate small businesses resulting from convenient access to credit facilities.


In my opinion, the former President Barrack Obama played a significant role to reverse the financial crises in America. He reformed the healthcare sector through enactment of Affordable Care Act. As a result, the economic situation in the country improved because most of citizens had an insurance cover. As a result, the number of people visiting the emergency rooms reduced significantly. Apparently, Obama played a significant role to improve the economic situation in America. However, I deem that the Great Recession and financial crises caused deep scars among the citizens. For this reason, they tend to disapprove the contentiousness of Barack Obama’s presidency.