They Still Haze

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Going back to college was a chance I had waited for long. I embraced the opportunity with a lot of ambitions. I believed it would change my life completely. I had been through a series of unfortunate events. While many people say that life has a lot of difficulties, I believed that moments in college would be easy. Education would influence many aspects of life, including my paygrade and the type of job I had was eligible for.

Life was just normal for the first year in college. Education was considerably easy as I was committed. However, one interesting aspect of college life showed up during this year. I wanted to maintain fitness, so I joined the college athletics team. I often watched reports in the media, revealing that most college students participate in partying without the knowledge that it was a vice. In the team, most of the senior students feared me, since I was considerably older than them. I never thought that I would one day experience the same. Most of my fellow fresh women were invited to an inaugural party for the new members of the team. Eventually, I also received the invitation, with the lady who invited me indicating that it would be the initiation into the team.

It was on a Friday, I got home exhausted, but remembered the party was to take place that night. Since I knew that it was already 3 o’clock in the afternoon, I had four hours to prepare supper and undertake some chores before the party started. The venue was the athletics club house, which was within college. I made sure that I completed the chores hurriedly since it would take me a while to walk to college from the house. By the time I completed preparing the dinner, it was already 1830hrs. I rushed to the bathroom and put on my light blue short dress. The shoes and earrings matched well with my skin complexion.

I arrived at the party quite late. I had not missed much from what I could see. I found my way to a corner, so that I would maintain a passive position. I found one senior student explaining, “It has always been our tradition and we expect all new members to take part.” The first session of the “custom” started. We were asked questions about the college and the athletics team in turns. Everyone seemed to get their questions right. Soon, it was my turn. The moderator proceeded, “who is the leader of the athletics team?” I knew few members in the team, all of whom were members of my class. I looked around and smiled. I had no idea what to answer.

I heard giggles from behind. I was embarrassed and nervous. She demanded that I walk to the front of the group. A glass was on the table, beside several bottles of cheap vodka. The instructions were that I was to be asked questions continuously until I got one right. To make it worse, for every question I failed to answer correctly, I had to gulp a full glass of vodka. I took the first glass agonizingly. When I listened to the second question, I could feel my conscience telling me to resist the oppression. How could I be forced to go against my principles so that I would be accepted into a team.

As one of the girls leaned towards the glass to refill it, I fidgeted on my seat, then stood and told her I would not take any more vodka. Her face was expressionless. The moderator could not believe what she had heard. She almost asked me if I meant what I had just said. As explained earlier, I was quite bigger and definitely older than any of the girls in the team. They gave up the argument and stated that those who were willing to take part in the “fun” were free to do so. The night was long as no one wanted to associate with me.