Reference Letter

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To whom it may concern:

I would like to recommend Amir Khan for the position of a volunteer with the City Police Services. Mr. Khan worked in our organization as a sales consultant from the year 2015 to 2018. While working in the company, Mr. Khan exhibited a persuasive, positive, and detail oriented attitude that made her one of the most valued employees in the story. Individuals who possess these abilities can solve most challenges that they come across in the store. Based on the quality of work that Khan presents, I would rank him as the best in the consulting industry at the moment.

Amir Khan became an asset in the organization because the good work that he did on a daily basis. Mr. Khan possessed exception oral and written communication skills. In his department, he had to convince people into purchasing items daily. He only earned his commission when he sold an item in the store. Therefore, the communication skill helped him persuade customers into buying out products. In addition, Khan can perform tasks without the supervision of a superior. In the store, the manager does not have the time to watch over employees so they have to operate under limited supervision. Khan has the ability to multitask and ensure that he meets deadlines and targets.

Based on the effectiveness that she has displayed while working in the organization, I decided to assign him additional duties. Instead of complaining, she embarked on the completing the task without involving other workers. When I received the final product, I noticed that Khan had gone above and beyond to provide me with quality work. The proposal that he developed covered all the areas that I had mentioned during out first meeting. He even included additional information to help the rest of the committee gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Amir Khan formed meaningful relationships with the customers that we served and the employees as well. He created rapports with people because of his communication skills. Some customers entered the store and asked for Amir Khan because they believed that he could address all their problems. His colleagues frequented his desk for assistance on different sales problems, which he solved effortlessly. I believe that you will find these skills valuable as your organization plans on hiring a volunteer who can engage with the public easily. The City Police Services hopes to involve members of the public in protecting their neighborhoods. However, these people do not trust the police because of previous altercations.

He will utilize his people skills to ensure that the public accepts the ideas of the police. Khan can reach both the literate and illiterate because he can communicate in writing and through oral speech. His positive nature will contribute to the success of the program in the communities. As I mentioned, he has the power to persuade people into accepting an idea. Therefore, the organization can use him to influence people across departments.

Mr. Khan would be an asset for any employer and I recommend him for any employment opportunity that he decides to pursue in the future. Please reach me on the contacts provided below in case you need additional information about the young man.