Professional Seminar

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Civil engineers play an essential role in the design and construction of various infrastructure. They design projects such as airports, bridges, dams, and roads among others to benefit millions of people. As a civil engineer graduate, I see myself as an important asset to the society since I will assist them in many ways while meeting my career goals. My primary short-term professional goal for the first five years following graduation will entail planning and advancement. There are numerous structures that civil engineers design and assist in building. As such, it is necessary for one to pick a specific area that interests him or her. My goal is to plan and advance structures. No matter what kind of construction, planning is essential. I will achieve that goal through assessing various resources most of which are accessible in the internet. It will be a critical achievement for me since I will be an asset to my colleagues who will be mandated to accomplish a particular structure.

My current skill is sufficient to achieve the planning and advancement goal. Besides designing, civil engineers play the role of educators. As such, they develop policies and codes for safety as well as work on site ethics. During my undergraduate studies, I gained a lot of skills related to this such as consultation, time management, risk assessment, and site survey among others. I believe that I will be in a position to develop essential plans for construction by taking into consideration other essential factors such as safety of workers and the public, risk issues and budget constraints. I will only require a mentor who has sufficient experience in planning and advancement to guide me in the first few projects.