Personal Business Plan

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Educational Goals in the Next Three Years

Currently, I am focused on the task of completing my bachelor’s degree in software engineering. The course is a demanding one – most of my free time is spent writing code fragments and developing algorithms for various types of software applications. My first priority in the next three years will be to master the art of programming in various languages. Java, C, and C++ are some examples of languages in which I hope to show high levels of proficiency once my career kicks off.

The majority of students who are studying for a bachelor’s degree in software engineering or computer science take supplementary courses in business. They are necessary for honing an engineer’s entrepreneurial skills. A good example of such a course is the Certified Public Accountants certification. The convenience of online learning will make it possible for me to combine studies for my engineering degree and the short courses I will select to complement it.

Personal Goals after Graduating from University

After leaving the university, I hope to secure a job that will help me to pay my bills. Additionally, this first job will help me familiarize with the organizational framework of a digital company. I doubt that I will have the financial ability to launch my own startup in three years’ time after graduating. However, I need to retain my focus on this long-term goal and that requires me to begin practicing early.

I believe that have an innovative mind and so I will be in constant search of ideas for development. Part of it involves researching on problems that business professionals in various niches encounter while managing their enterprises. Additionally, I have to continue practicing writing code for the ability to solve complex problems.

Guiding Principles

  • I am always looking for more efficient solutions to common problems in business environments. This is what inspires me to develop software applications with unique abilities that ease the management of digital business processes.
  • I like maintaining high standards with regard to the quality of my work so that it stands out from what other people do.
  • Maintaining a good reputation is another one of the things that keeps me on the right track. Recalling that I aspire to launch my own startup later in life, one of my marketing strategies will be establishment of good customer relations for an increase of repeat sales.

Sources of Motivation

Being able to do something new is one of the things that motivate me. It goes well with my choice of career, which requires a highly innovative individual. Jobs in software engineering pay well. A large salary motivates me – I plan on saving consistently in my first years of employment so that I will have enough money for launching my own enterprise.


My greatest passions are nestled in engineering. For me, there exists great pleasure in having the ability to solve problems efficiently using the least resources possible. Apart from innovating, I also have profound interest in entrepreneurial processes. It happens to be the primary reason why I plan to found my own digital company in the future.

The Most Suitable Industry Niche for my Skill

If an opportunity avails itself, I dream of working in the software development industry. The industry provides aspirants who intend to work in it with a broad spectrum of job opportunities. By the time I graduate from university, I will be well equipped for any work assignments in the programming niche. Before accruing the necessary resources that would be needed to launch a startup, I hope to work as an in-house software developer in a corporate business setting.

Strongest Skills in Marketing

My greatest strength is in developing products that coincide with what business corporations need. Currently, there exists a software application for virtually all business processes that were previously done manually. However, the demand for robust software applications is still high because of the stiffening competition in e-commerce and other niches that are heavily dependent on digital power. Highly innovative tools offer competitive advantage to entrepreneurs who would like raise the profit margins of their enterprises.

Good communication skills are essential for establishing good relationships with customers. I am confident in my ability to connect with people. This skill will help me convince clients into buying my products. Software development involves a lot of critical thinking. In the course of my studies, I have learnt how to anticipate problems and then solve them efficiently.

Benefits to Employers

Employers who hire me will benefit from my high levels of productivity. Referring to my passion for efficiency, I like working quickly and completing tasks that are assigned to me in a timely fashion. This quality makes me a valuable resource in business environments that demand professionals who possess speed and accuracy.

I choose the degree program I am enrolled in out of passion. It implies that I have been expending a lot of effort in trying to acquire all the knowledge I can manage. As a result, I have gained exceptional skill in programing and entrepreneurship. These skills will help me introduce new concepts and ideas wherever I will be employed.

I will have a keen interest on how various business process are run noting that I plan to create a business venture eventually. Garnering the necessary experience that an entrepreneur needs requires me to observe how my employers get by. As I try to earn this experience, I will attend to my duties willingly and in turn, return more investment value to my employers.

Benefits to Society

  • I will be a mentor to younger students in my community who would like to pursue the same career that I am pursuing.
  • Support charitable organizations that are currently trying to solve the social injustices in our societies today.

Factors that Differentiate me from other Students

To be successful as a marketer and as an innovator, it is necessary to be unique. Unlike other students, I will not stop at fulfilling the course requirements that are needed to qualify for a degree. My plans for uniqueness include expanding my knowledgebase by researching extensively. This will involve learning how to use a broader range of programming languages including those that are not part of my curriculum.


I am :- (a) Efficient

(b) Industrious

(c) Skillful

(d) Observant

(e) Punctual

(f) Creative

(g) Productive

Three Checkpoints for the Business Plan in Three Years

Checkpoints assist entrepreneurs in assessing themselves. In the next three years, my first checkpoint will be graduating from university. A degree will be enough proof that have acquired all the fundamental skills that are needed to pursue my choice career. The second checkpoint will be marked by employment. When I find a job, it will motivate me to pursue the financial aspirations I have. Apart from motivation, a job will expose me to one-on-one experiences with clients. This kind of exposure will help me improve my score in customer relations and the ability to network. After I get a job, I will begin writing a comprehensive business plan for my startup. Its completion will be my third checkpoint in the course of the next three years. This will be an important one because once I reach it, I can begin looking for investors to help me advance my ideas.

Factors that Could Negatively Affect my Plan

One of the factors that can easily frustrate me is taking too long before finding a well-paying job. My status as a student does not allow me to earn a lot of money and so, I will have to rely on jobs before gathering enough capital to begin my own venture. After graduating, I hope to get a job in a span of four months. If I find jobs that pay less than what I expect, I won’t turn them down unless they prevent me from searching for better.

Health is the other factor that can prevent me from achieving what I have in mind. Bad health has negative effects on productivity levels of employees.

Positive Factors

Unique innovations that attract investors are easily marketable. If my products will have superior features, it won’t take long to get the necessary funding for full-scale production. Another factor that would greatly favor my plan is getting a job quickly after I graduate. I can use the money from my salary to fund my projects and to look for opportunities of marketing the ideas to investors.

Alternative Career Choices

If I do not get a job in the software development niche, I would opt for a post in customer relations or the human resource department.


Steve Jobs: – He was able to build a company that has remained extremely valuable despite the evolving scope of the computing industry.

Warren Buffet: – He has a natural entrepreneurial drive considering that his interests in business begun showing in his early childhood.

Jeff Bezos: – He founded the world’s largest online retail shop, Amazon, and has remained to maintain the top rank since 1997.

Mistakes in Life

I did not discover my talents in programming early enough. Although I am going to master the art eventually, I would be better than I am currently if I had begun practicing earlier.

Parts of the innovation and entrepreneurship course that will be useful in my career are marketing and discovering niches. I learnt how to attract clients using various techniques.