Safety Professional Accountability

The United States government requires employers to ensure the occupational safety of their employees. The government created the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) agency within the Department of Labor to enforce this requirement. Precisely, OSHA has a mandate to assure the safety and health of workers in the United States by creating and enforcing standards (Reese & Eidson, 2006). Besides, the agency offers training, education, and outreach and also advocates for improved workplace safety and health. Unlike other agencies such as ADA and CDC, OSHA requirements are federal obligations under Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations (29 CFR 1910).

Nevertheless, Gem Fabricators company has hired me as an Occupational Safety and Health consultant. The company chose to be a member of OSHA several years ago and also aligned with the ANSI/AIHA Z10 standard. However, I have realized several errors in the application form that may hinder this plan. Hence, it is crucial for the Gem Fabricators management to understand these issues and address them before applying for OSHA membership.

Although the company has specified the accountability for the front-line workers, it did not include such requirement for managers, supervisors, and executives in the performance evaluation documentation for safety. On the contrary, establishing safety accountability measures for managers, executives, and employees is important in several ways. First, it strengthens the corporate culture by ensuring that it is everyone’s responsibility to establish meaningful goals and cultivate trust through encouragement and support (Geller, 2001). Second, safety accountability measures help all employees to understand the employer’s commitment to create and maintain a safe and healthful workplace. Precisely, it is important to involve hourly employees in establishing safe work practices and rules since they are the most prone to workplace hazards. Finally, safety accountability measures help employers to hold executives, managers, and employers accountable for behaviors, which they have control. Such behaviors include timely reporting of hazards and injuries, cautioning fellow employees on hazardous situations and behaviors, and complying with safety rules and policies.

Safety should be a responsibility for every member of Gem fabricators. Hence, Gem Fabricators should have a General Safety Program that assigns safety responsibilities to everyone. First, the employer/executives should have full responsibility for safety among all employees. They should also be able to assign and enforce safety responsibilities in Gem Fabricators Safety Program. Finally, they should approve safety policies and participate in safety programs as recommended by the company’s safety officer. Second, the Gem Fabricators Safety officer has the mandate to implement and manage the Company’s Loss Prevention Program. In this capacity, the Safety Officer is responsible for the overall safety of Gem Fabricators workforce and should be able to create and implement a comprehensive safety program (Geller, 2001). Third, the supervisors have a mandate to ensure everyone adheres to the safety rules and regulations every day. Still, they are responsible for teaching new workers on job safety, procedures, rules, and obligations. Finally, every employee should strive to abide by Gem Fabricators Safety Program. They should work per the standard safety procedures and ask for assistance when needed.

Conclusively, a Plan-Do-Check-Act framework is necessary to resolve the safety deficiency in Gem Fabricators Company. Safety deficiency involves a safety issue that lacks or has inadequate defenses for preventing, reducing, or eliminating it in case of occurrence. Using a PDCA framework, there are two primary critical steps that Gem Fabricators can use to resolve safety deficiency. First, the company should define specific roles and responsibilities for every member (Marais, Saleh, & Leveson, 2006). Precisely, the directors should have a duty of ensuring there is a process that allows prompt reporting of safety deficiencies to the relevant persons. Second, Gem Fabricators should formulate a process to assess the safety program. The management should ensure that employees are aware of this process that allows them to report safety deficiencies to the authorities.

Reference Letter

To whom it may concern:

I would like to recommend Amir Khan for the position of a volunteer with the City Police Services. Mr. Khan worked in our organization as a sales consultant from the year 2015 to 2018. While working in the company, Mr. Khan exhibited a persuasive, positive, and detail oriented attitude that made her one of the most valued employees in the story. Individuals who possess these abilities can solve most challenges that they come across in the store. Based on the quality of work that Khan presents, I would rank him as the best in the consulting industry at the moment.

Amir Khan became an asset in the organization because the good work that he did on a daily basis. Mr. Khan possessed exception oral and written communication skills. In his department, he had to convince people into purchasing items daily. He only earned his commission when he sold an item in the store. Therefore, the communication skill helped him persuade customers into buying out products. In addition, Khan can perform tasks without the supervision of a superior. In the store, the manager does not have the time to watch over employees so they have to operate under limited supervision. Khan has the ability to multitask and ensure that he meets deadlines and targets.

Based on the effectiveness that she has displayed while working in the organization, I decided to assign him additional duties. Instead of complaining, she embarked on the completing the task without involving other workers. When I received the final product, I noticed that Khan had gone above and beyond to provide me with quality work. The proposal that he developed covered all the areas that I had mentioned during out first meeting. He even included additional information to help the rest of the committee gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Amir Khan formed meaningful relationships with the customers that we served and the employees as well. He created rapports with people because of his communication skills. Some customers entered the store and asked for Amir Khan because they believed that he could address all their problems. His colleagues frequented his desk for assistance on different sales problems, which he solved effortlessly. I believe that you will find these skills valuable as your organization plans on hiring a volunteer who can engage with the public easily. The City Police Services hopes to involve members of the public in protecting their neighborhoods. However, these people do not trust the police because of previous altercations.

He will utilize his people skills to ensure that the public accepts the ideas of the police. Khan can reach both the literate and illiterate because he can communicate in writing and through oral speech. His positive nature will contribute to the success of the program in the communities. As I mentioned, he has the power to persuade people into accepting an idea. Therefore, the organization can use him to influence people across departments.

Mr. Khan would be an asset for any employer and I recommend him for any employment opportunity that he decides to pursue in the future. Please reach me on the contacts provided below in case you need additional information about the young man.


They Still Haze

Going back to college was a chance I had waited for long. I embraced the opportunity with a lot of ambitions. I believed it would change my life completely. I had been through a series of unfortunate events. While many people say that life has a lot of difficulties, I believed that moments in college would be easy. Education would influence many aspects of life, including my paygrade and the type of job I had was eligible for.

Life was just normal for the first year in college. Education was considerably easy as I was committed. However, one interesting aspect of college life showed up during this year. I wanted to maintain fitness, so I joined the college athletics team. I often watched reports in the media, revealing that most college students participate in partying without the knowledge that it was a vice. In the team, most of the senior students feared me, since I was considerably older than them. I never thought that I would one day experience the same. Most of my fellow fresh women were invited to an inaugural party for the new members of the team. Eventually, I also received the invitation, with the lady who invited me indicating that it would be the initiation into the team.

It was on a Friday, I got home exhausted, but remembered the party was to take place that night. Since I knew that it was already 3 o’clock in the afternoon, I had four hours to prepare supper and undertake some chores before the party started. The venue was the athletics club house, which was within college. I made sure that I completed the chores hurriedly since it would take me a while to walk to college from the house. By the time I completed preparing the dinner, it was already 1830hrs. I rushed to the bathroom and put on my light blue short dress. The shoes and earrings matched well with my skin complexion.

I arrived at the party quite late. I had not missed much from what I could see. I found my way to a corner, so that I would maintain a passive position. I found one senior student explaining, “It has always been our tradition and we expect all new members to take part.” The first session of the “custom” started. We were asked questions about the college and the athletics team in turns. Everyone seemed to get their questions right. Soon, it was my turn. The moderator proceeded, “who is the leader of the athletics team?” I knew few members in the team, all of whom were members of my class. I looked around and smiled. I had no idea what to answer.

I heard giggles from behind. I was embarrassed and nervous. She demanded that I walk to the front of the group. A glass was on the table, beside several bottles of cheap vodka. The instructions were that I was to be asked questions continuously until I got one right. To make it worse, for every question I failed to answer correctly, I had to gulp a full glass of vodka. I took the first glass agonizingly. When I listened to the second question, I could feel my conscience telling me to resist the oppression. How could I be forced to go against my principles so that I would be accepted into a team.

As one of the girls leaned towards the glass to refill it, I fidgeted on my seat, then stood and told her I would not take any more vodka. Her face was expressionless. The moderator could not believe what she had heard. She almost asked me if I meant what I had just said. As explained earlier, I was quite bigger and definitely older than any of the girls in the team. They gave up the argument and stated that those who were willing to take part in the “fun” were free to do so. The night was long as no one wanted to associate with me.

The Effects of HCAHPS on Nursing Satisfaction and Burnout

The Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) is a patient satisfaction survey that all U.S. hospitals need to undertake in conformity with the provisions of the Centers for Medicine and Medicaid Services. Adult inpatients, excluding psychiatric patients, are eligible for the survey. The HCAHPS survey is important for several reasons. Patients use the survey to express their concerns about various aspects of the U.S. health care system such as quality and relevance of programs. In addition, hospitals use the patients’ feedback of the survey to assess various elements such as communication between nurses, environmental cleanliness, hospital rating, and staff responsiveness to the needs of patients. This study will aim to identify how hospitals can use the HCAHPS survey to assess the level of job dissatisfaction and burnout among nurses.

First, the HCAHPS is a reliable, valid and generally applicable across a wide range of health care environments and situations. According to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (2017), HCAHPS is applicable across numerous constructs of the health care environment that encompasses nurses’ welfare. From the responses to the survey questions, hospitals can determine the level of job dissatisfaction and burnout among nurses. Since the survey entails asking patients to provide feedback on their experiences, such responses can be important measure on the experience of nurses. This study will focus on the link between the survey feedback and the welfare of nurses.

Job dissatisfaction among nurses may result in costly labor disputes, turnover, and risk to patients. A high number of burnout and job dissatisfaction among nurses occurs when they are providing care for patients in hospitals and nursing homes. Strikingly, a key contributor of dissatisfaction among nurses is health benefits. Research studies have indicated that patient satisfaction is significantly lower in hospitals in which nurses experience high levels burnout and are low job satisfaction. Through a HCAHPS survey, the researcher will be able to assess the extent to which nurses are dissatisfied and burned out depending on the patients’ feedback. For example, the patients’ feedback on their overall experience on each of the ten areas of the HCAHPS will be important in determining the welfare of nurses in hospitals.

Patients are expected to provide feedback on a wide range of hospital-related topics such as extent of communication between them and nurses, interaction with doctors, medical interventions, pain control, provision of information, cleanliness, and rating (Goldstein et al., 2010). Positive feedback from the patients on the HCAHPS is an indicator of high job satisfaction and low burnout among nurses. Conversely, negative feedback on the HCAHPS survey by patients signals a high prevalence of job dissatisfaction and burnout, which results in the poor service in the hospitals. Consequently, this study will explore how policy makers can use the HCAHPS to improve service delivery by addressing the issue of burnout and job dissatisfaction among nurses.

When using the HCAHPS scale, there is a key assumption that job satisfaction among nurses has a multidimensional and complex relationship with particular aspects of their roles. In other words, the feedback from patients can be construed to be an accurate indicator of the state of the overall work environment of the hospital and, by extension, that of nurses. When patients provide positive feedback on crucial aspects such as cleanliness, privacy, information, interaction, rating, quietness, and advice, then it is an indication that nurses are highly motivated and energetic to provide quality services (McHugh et al., 2011). Indeed, is unlikely that nurses who have low motivation levels and are suffering from burnouts are able to provide quality service to patients. Therefore, the study will primarily use the patients’ feedback on HCAHPS as an indicator of the level of satisfaction and burnout among nurses.

Researchers have also identified a direct association between nurse burnout and job satisfaction on one hand, and patient satisfaction computed by the HCAHPS survey of hospitals, on the other hand. According to McHugh et al (2011), low job satisfaction and burnout among nurses has a significant bearing on overall patient satisfaction. For example, the percentage of patients who would want to recommend the hospital to friends and relatives may decline significantly in instances when nurses experience burnout and have low job satisfaction levels. Similarly, cases of job dissatisfaction and high rate of burnouts are likely to be low if patients give high ratings on hospitals. One of the objective of this study is to use the elements of patients’ overall attitude on the quality of health care based on HCAHPS feedback to establish a connection to job satisfaction and burnout among nurses.

It is also important to note that nurses in most hospitals provide most of the bedside services that are captured in the HCAHPS survey. As a result, the tool is an accurate indicator of the extent to which nurses are dissatisfied with their roles or experiencing burnout. Research studies have indicated that the most satisfied and least burned-out nurses are those who do not serve patients directly. Conversely, patient-handling nurses are the most likely to manifest low job satisfaction levels and high burnouts (Stimpfel, Sloane, & Aiken, 2012). Consequently, the HCAHPS survey is the most accurate indicator of the level of burnout and job satisfaction in hospitals. Each of the questions on the survey relates to a specific aspect of nursing, meaning that the feedback is directly relatable to the nursing situation in health care facilities.

U.S Economic Stimulus

Did the effort make a Difference?

Yes, the efforts of Barack Obama after assuming office made a significant difference in the country. During his first two years as a president, Barack Obama and the Democratic allies compiled a record of policy accomplishment. For instance, they restored the financial system from a brink of collapse to rescue the universal healthcare, reform financial regulations, and make fundamental changes for the student’s loan programmes. Additionally, the president created about 14 million new jobs and influenced higher auto sales. Apparently, the former American president was committed to stimulate the core sectors of the economy and make the country competitive internationally.

Is the President’s Plan working?

Yes, it is apparent that the president’s plan is still working. For instance, the healthcare cost in America is subsidized, thus, benefiting a large number of citizens. The government introduced computerized medical records that facilitate exchange of patient’s medical information. On top of that, most of the Americans have managed to secure well-paying jobs, which is a reverse of the recession period. In fact, most people operate small businesses resulting from convenient access to credit facilities.


In my opinion, the former President Barrack Obama played a significant role to reverse the financial crises in America. He reformed the healthcare sector through enactment of Affordable Care Act. As a result, the economic situation in the country improved because most of citizens had an insurance cover. As a result, the number of people visiting the emergency rooms reduced significantly. Apparently, Obama played a significant role to improve the economic situation in America. However, I deem that the Great Recession and financial crises caused deep scars among the citizens. For this reason, they tend to disapprove the contentiousness of Barack Obama’s presidency.

Legal Environment of Business

After serving in the same company for the past five years, a manager can be satisfied with that employee’s level of commitment. Additionally, an employee who is valuable and is one of the top performers devoid of any disciplinary action can negotiate for a pay rise. However, one needs to apply appropriate strategies. For this situation, I would deliver document and showcase results. I will be prepared to have a spirited discussion with the manager using the situation, task, and action result format. I will present to the director my achievements in detail and explain to him or her how they have directly helped the organization to succeed.

While negotiating a raise can be an essential breakthrough for the employer, there are some strategies that a worker ought to avoid. For me, I would avoid presenting the current salary or position as a problem in the company. The reason is that it will imply that I am complaining, and the manager will make negative assumptions about my attitude and me. Equally, I will avoid comparing myself with others. Such a strategy would not be successful because it shows that the employee is not thinking about his or her performance and the value that he or she is creating for the organization.

The ruling that gives states power to impose sales tax on e-commerce sales on businesses that do not have physical presence within the states’ boundaries relates to the Commerce Clause of the US constitution. It states that the US Congress shall have power to control commerce with foreign nations and among the several states (Rossum 39). The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) can regulate many aspects of e-commerce such as online advertisements.

Welcome to IPS – Approved Metal Roofing and Side Cladding Repairs

In the pages of our web site you can read about our metal roof and side cladding services and make an enquiry by email. We will then respond to your needs and contact you by your chosen method. Many customers write to us following projects and examples of their endorsements can be read on each page. We feel that these customer satisfaction quotes will help you make an informed choice to use IPS as an approved contractor for your metal roof maintenance projects.

IPS are an established Roof Maintenance company. Our area of expertise, metal roofs and side industrial cladding services, gutters and skylights demands us to be Highly Accredited. Customers can, therefore, be reassured as we are governed by extensive Quality Controls and Industry Regulations.

Introduction to our services

Accredited Status
1. IPS are Qualified Applicators and Contractors for;
– Akzo-Nobel, Steelseal System;
– Delvemade, Seamsil & Delcote Systems;
– Liquid Plastics, Isoclad System;
– Protega Coatings, ProtegaClad (formerly Temaclad) & Repco Systems.

2. Specialist approved contractors to Corus Colours.

3. Members of the manufacturers Qualified Applicator Programme.

4. Operatives are CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) trained and certified for working at heights.

5. Full IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) Certification.

6. Fully trained in the inspection and operation of fall restraint safety systems;
– fixed man-safe systems erected on roofs
– mobile weight anchor systems

Minimum disruption
IPS anti-corrosion systems are guaranteed to attend to metal roofing problems without disturbance to the business and in the shortest time, compatible with the size of the problem. We know that companies cannot afford to lose working days for roof maintenance and our approach will minimise any disruption.