Legal Environment of Business

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After serving in the same company for the past five years, a manager can be satisfied with that employee’s level of commitment. Additionally, an employee who is valuable and is one of the top performers devoid of any disciplinary action can negotiate for a pay rise. However, one needs to apply appropriate strategies. For this situation, I would deliver document and showcase results. I will be prepared to have a spirited discussion with the manager using the situation, task, and action result format. I will present to the director my achievements in detail and explain to him or her how they have directly helped the organization to succeed.

While negotiating a raise can be an essential breakthrough for the employer, there are some strategies that a worker ought to avoid. For me, I would avoid presenting the current salary or position as a problem in the company. The reason is that it will imply that I am complaining, and the manager will make negative assumptions about my attitude and me. Equally, I will avoid comparing myself with others. Such a strategy would not be successful because it shows that the employee is not thinking about his or her performance and the value that he or she is creating for the organization.

The ruling that gives states power to impose sales tax on e-commerce sales on businesses that do not have physical presence within the states’ boundaries relates to the Commerce Clause of the US constitution. It states that the US Congress shall have power to control commerce with foreign nations and among the several states (Rossum 39). The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) can regulate many aspects of e-commerce such as online advertisements.