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Metal Cladding Repair

Approved Contractor – Independently Inspected Workmanship

As authorised applicators, and approved contractor, we are subject to inspection by our authorised distributors. The frequency of site visits, to check our workmanship, depends upon the size and duration of the project but they will normally look at;
– Standard of metal surface preparation
– Standard of coating application
– WFT and DFT readings
– Adhesion tests
– Overall appearance and final inspection

In order for a project to pass the inspection great consideration must be given to each stage. Therefore, we take a measured approach that includes a thorough survey, appropriate and comprehensive solutions and in-house inspections of the metal and coating. This well established path helps us to concentrate on recommending and using only the best, and longest lasting, system solutions such as Seamsil, ProtegaClad (Temaclad), Isoclad, and Delcote.

Assessment and Refurbishment

Our initial assessment of corrosion or a leaking gutter always begins with understanding the degree of degradation.
1. A comprehensive roof, cladding and gutter survey is undertaken by one of our Estimating Surveyors.
2. We then produce a detailed report and a Refurbishment Proposal.
3. Our Refurbishment Proposal highlights
– the recommended specification, e.g. Seamsil, Protegaclad, Isoclad etc.
– access requirement
– a suggested schedule of work
– the costs related to each aspect.