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Corrosion level, changing weather systems and local pollutants have a varying effect on roof and side cladding of all types. The approved systems we employ are formulated for the specific problems identified on each type of factory coated metal cladding, made by manufacturers such as Corus. Types of cladding include aluminium or steel coated with plastisol or PVF2, for example. Even these durable systems can suffer degradation with exposure to industrial pollutants and the elements. In all IPS metal coating systems each branded coating is renowned for its outstanding weather resistance and long life expectancy e.g. Delcote and ProtegaClad (formerly Temaclad).

Some Typical Metal Cladding Problems: –

Cut Edge Corrosion – to colour coated metal cladding
Cut edge corrosion, peel-back or edge peel, is a localised problem that occurs at overlap joints, gutter edges, flashing edges and at flashing joints. Where the metal is exposed rust forms and as this spreads the bond between coating and substrate fails. IPS provide approved remedial treatments that will stem this spread of corrosion in metal and restore the protective and decorative properties of colour coated metal cladding. The Seamsil system, from manufacturers Delvemade, is a proven and guaranteed treatment for cut edge corrosion.

Metal Roof Cladding – Re-coating

When the metal roof coatings begins to flake, or there is widespread appearance of corrosion, we would recommend re-coating. In these cases preparation involves complete removal of the coating back to the metal substrate. An extensive coating system is then applied, in the colour required; giving guaranteed long lasting weather resistance.

Over Painting of Roof & Side Cladding

Even when isolated or no physical damage exists on the original protective coating we can improve its condition and the visual appearance of a property. This visual improvement is commonly applied to buildings which have faded plastisol cladding. As cladding fades over time often the thickness of the colour coating is diminished. By over-painting with systems, such as ProtegaClad (Temaclad), Repco (water based) or Isoclad, the original weathered metal protective coating is reinforced.

Leaking Gutter Repairs & Valley Treatments

Leaking and corroded gutters can often be the result of poor maintenance, especially the failure to clean and check gutters. We begin our treatment of leaking gutters with the removal of rust and flaking metal and thorough cleaning of the surface. We then treat the joints with a silicone based product, such as Seamsil 300 system, to eliminate leaks. Final treatment is with a coating system, such as Delvemade HPG, Delcote or high-build Bitumen to restore the integrity of the gutter and meet the life span requirement of the client.

Range of Metal Roofing Coatings

Our range of coating systems will treat aluminium and steels which are already coated with;
• PVC – Plastisol
• PVF2
• Silicone Polyester
• Acrylic
• Polyurethane