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Assignment 1: M4A2- Quantitative Methodology

Research topic and Purpose of the Study

The research study is about the interactions between undergraduate students and faculty mentors. The main purpose of the current study is to assess the extent to which students interact with the faculty mentors. Specifically, the researcher aimed at determining the factors that affected the student-mentor relationships.

Overarching Research Questions

            In quantitative research, the overarching questions serve as indicators of study design and data collection. In addition, researchers use overarching questions to create the scope of developing new and specific data collection and analysis methods (Creswell & Creswell, 2017). Often times, these questions serve as the overall goals of the study. In the research, the author sought to answer the broad question with regards to the level of interactions between students and their faculty members.

Specific Research Question/Hypotheses

            The researcher narrowed down the broad overarching question to questions in order to sufficiently address the topic. Specific questions are the most important aspects of social research because they enable the researcher to establish both dependent and independent variables of the study (Creswell & Creswell, 2017). The following are the specific research questions that the researcher sought to answer:

  1. What is the type of relationship that exists between the students and faculty mentors?
  2. What is the attitude of the students towards their faculty mentors?
  3. How do demographic attributes such as age, gender, and culture influence the relationship between the students and faculty mentors?

Type of Study

            The researcher conducted a quantitative study to determine the extent to which students interact with their faculty mentors. The quantitative approach was appropriate for the structured collection and analysis of data that the researcher planned to use. The researcher also used computational, statistical, and mathematical tools to derive the results. The main aim of a quantitative approach is to quantify a research problem and understand its prevalence within the larger population (Bryman, 2017).

Dependent and Independent Variables

In quantitative research, it is important for researchers to identify variables in which they are most interested. In this case, the dependent and independent variables form the main bases for scientific tests (Ary et al., 2018). The dependent variable in the study represented the level of interaction between the students and faculty mentors. In contrast, the independent variables affected the dependent variables, and they comprised of demographic attributes of the sample.


            The researcher adopted a cross-sectional design to answer the research questions. A cross-sectional survey entails collection and analysis of data from a population of interest (Nardi, 2018). The quantitative research method entailed conducting interviews and issuing self-administered questionnaires as the main data collection tools. In this case, the researcher interacted with participants that formed the representative sample from the population of interest. The participants were selected through a random sampling method. Random sampling method is helps quantitative researchers to eliminate bias (Creswell & Creswell, 2017). In addition, all members of the population had an equal chance of participating in the study.

It was important for the researcher to select a representative sample from the target population. The sample selected represented the overall population of graduate students in the target institution. The age of the participants was between 18 and 55 years. The researcher further ensured gender balance by selecting an equal number of male and female participants. The researcher determined that a sample size 60 respondents was a sufficient representation of the target population.


            To achieve the research objective, the researcher needed to identify the measures for testing. The faculty mentor referred to a person whose responsibility was to act as a role model to undergraduate students. The students’ demographic data comprised of information such as age, gender, and cultural background. The researcher used the statistical data collected from respondents for analysis.

Data Analysis

            The researcher analyzed data to explore the relationship dependent and independent variables. Data was obtained from self-administered questionnaires and interviews, and was completed by 60 respondents, a response rate of 100%. Assuming that half of the university’s 500 students interacted at some level with faculty mentors, a population size of 250 students was expected (n=250). All the 60 participants submitted their self-administered questionnaires and responded to interview questions.


Assignment 2: M5A2 – Qualitative Methodology

Research Topic and Purpose of the Study

The research topic for the study was “interactions between students and faculty mentors”.

The main purpose of the current study is to assess the perception of students regarding their experience with faculty mentors.

Overarching research questions

            For this research, the overarching research question is the level of perception by students towards the faculty mentors. The question is an important guide post for the researcher to establish the best data collection methods and form the basis of the study.

Specific Research question and Hypotheses

            The researcher narrowed down the overarching question to address a specific research issue: what are the perception of students regarding their experience with faculty mentors?. According to Creswell and Creswell (2017), specific questions and research hypotheses are useful for the development of dependent and independent variables. Consequently, the researcher developed three main hypothesis based on the specific research question.

H1: The age of the students is an important contributory factor to how students perceived their experience with faculty mentors

H0: The age of students is not a significant factor in their perception of faculty mentors.

H2: There is a significant gender influence on students’ perception on their experience with faculty mentors

H0: Gender is not a significant factor in determining how students perceive their relationship with faculty mentors

H3: Ethnic background is a significant factor that determines how students perceive their relationship with faculty mentors

H0: Ethnic background is immaterial as far as perception towards faculty mentors by students is concerned.

Type of Study

            The researcher conducted a qualitative study to determine the perceptions of students regarding their experience with faculty mentors. The qualitative method appropriate in this context because the researcher was able to collect data the document review method (Savenye & Robinson, 2005).

Dependent and Independent Variables

The researcher was able to identify dependent and independent variables in the study. According to Bernard (2017), change in independent variables result in corresponding changes in the dependent variables. The dependent variable in the study is the perception that students have on their experience with faculty mentors. In contrast, the independent variables are the factors that influence such perceptions, including age, gender, and cultural background.


            The researcher adopted a document review design to obtain data. Document review is the most appropriate method for qualitative researchers because it entails a systematic collection, documentation, analysis, interpretation of recorded data (Tranfield, Denyer, & Smart, 2003). Moreover, the document review method was appropriate because the researcher was able to collect data without being disruptive to the student community (Bretschneider, 2017). There are several reasons why social researchers opt for document analysis as a method of data collection. According to Bowen (2009), obtaining and analyzing documents is more cost and time efficient than conducting research and experiments as is the case with quantitative research.

The researcher sampled 60 documents that contained information with regards to student interactions with faculty mentors. It was important for the researcher to establish the size of the target population in order to determine the most appropriate size of the sample. Assuming that 200 students out of the university’s total population of 500 interacted with the faculty mentors, a sample of 60 documents was a sufficient representation of the target population.

The researcher separated dependent and independent variables and established conceptual frameworks of the study. While the dependent variable of the research was the perception by the students of their experience with the faculty mentors, the independent variables were the three main demographic attributes, namely gender, cultural background, and age. The researcher tested the relationship between dependent and independent variables by reviewing the documented patterns of interactions between students and faculty mentors. Document review is a credible source of data because it is indicative of the frequency of interactions between dependent and independent variables (Bretschneider, 2017).

Data Analysis

            The researcher analyzed the available data to determine the perception by students with regards to their experience with faculty mentors. Data was obtained from reviewing documents, which resulted in a 100% success rate. Assuming that half of the university’s 500 students interacted at some level with faculty mentors, the researcher determined the target population to be 250 (n=250). Thus, the sample of 60 documents was sufficient in testing the variables.



Assignment 3: M6A2 – Mixed Methodology

Research Topic and Purpose of the Study

            The research topic is “interaction between students and faculty mentors”. The aim of the study is to determine the factors that affect the interaction between students and faculty mentors. In addition, the researcher sought to establish the students’ perception on their experience with faculty mentors.

Overarching Research Question

            It was important for the researcher to identify the general direction of the study. In broad terms, the researcher sought to answer one key question: what obstacles are students facing in their quest to benefit from the university’s mentorship programs?

Specific Research Questions/Hypotheses

            Researchers using mixed methods need to formulate advanced qualitative and quantitative research questions or hypotheses in order to narrow down and focus on the main purpose of the study (Creswell & Creswell, 2017). The researcher sought to answer the following specific questions:

  1. To what extent do students find the need to interact with their faculty mentors?
  2. How does the students’ demographic attributes help explain the extent of their interaction with faculty mentors?
  3. To what extent does the students’ demographic characteristic influence their perceptions on their experience with the faculty mentors?




Type of Study

The researcher adopted a mixed research approach, which comprises of the combined principles of quantitative and qualitative research. The mixed method is superior to other research approach because researchers are able to incorporate various complimentary data collection methods (Creswell & Clark, 2017).

Research Design

            The researcher combined the designs of qualitative and quantitative to collect and analyze data. The design of the study was to first collect and analyze qualitative data, followed by quantitative data collection and analysis (Creswell & Clark, 2017). The overall purpose of a mixed method researcher is to explain and interpret relationships between numerous variables. The researcher used various data collection methods, including document review, interviews, and self-administered questionnaires.

Data collection procedure entailed identification of the target population and establishment of a suitable representative sample. In addition, the researcher conducted a qualitative review on documents that contained information regarding students’ interaction with faculty mentors. The researcher randomly identified students’ files for review to ensure that the selection was free from bias (Kitchenham, 2004). Similarly, selection of student participants was through random sampling. The researcher established that a sample of 60 students was sufficient to support or reject the research hypotheses. Random sampling style was important because the researcher was able to eliminate bias (Johnson & Onwuegbuzie, 2004).

To develop a conceptual framework, it was important for the researcher to identify the independent and the independent variables. According to Creswell and Creswell (2017), independent variables are quantities that researchers seek to change or control in a scientific environment to establish the impacts of dependent variables, while the dependent variables are the quantity being tested in a scientific experiment.


The principles underlying the mixed method of research are based on their validity, utility, trustworthiness, and dependability (Creswell & Clark, 2017). Participants comprised of students who had participated in the mentorship program. To supplement quantitative data, the researcher reviewed documented evident of previous student-mentor interactions. The measurement tools included the responses to interviews and questionnaire by participants as well as documented evidence of mentorship.




Unit II Journal (Cayote and Road Runner)

In any organization, ethics are very important. They are the principles and values that people use to govern their actions and decisions. In an organization framework, a code of ethics is a set of principles that guides it in its decisions, programs, and policies. When leaders and employees adhere to the ethical standards, it is possible to achieve an ethical organizational culture. It is difficult to develop and implement business ethics into an organization due to differences in culture and atmosphere (Kaptein, 2011). In this case, there is no clear or specific way to implement a code of ethics to a business that has been in existence. It is important to include all areas of operations of business when formulating a code of ethics to make sure that stakeholders’ needs, desires, and personalities are met.

American Express, a finance company in the U.S. is an example of an organization that has successfully implemented a culture of ethical business behavior. The organizational values are strongly imbibed in the blood of employees. For instance, the company accords women higher respect and priority owing the more challenging environment for the female personality. Similarly, Microsoft ensures that employees complete an annual training on their standards of business conduct. The company updates workers on any changes in their ethical behavior, and helps them to maintain high moral standards in their positions. The apple company has not successfully implemented a culture of ethical business behavior. Some of the employees do not treat employees well especially in the online platform where they fail to respond to the reviews on time. The company can motivate the personnel to keep in touch with customers to boost sales and trust.


History of the New World

How did European Expansion into the “New World” (the Americas) shape life for indigenous Americans?

The Europeans arrived at the east coast of North America, where native Indian tribes lived. The natives performed activities like hunting, farming, and trade. Their first meeting with the Europeans occurred in the 1500s, while the hunted for whales. The Indians worked with the Europeans. In the 1600, the Europeans began to develop permanent residence within the native territory (Dwyer, Philip & Ryan 115). The Europeans introduced religion and sustainable agriculture. Alike, the trading activities expanded from the natives’ territory to merchants from Europe. The natives changed their belief about nature and began to embrace exploration of natural resources.

How did European Expansion in the “New World” shape life in the Old World (Europe, Asia, and Africa)?

The European expansion and scramble for Africa impacted both South and East Asia. Particularly, the Europeans passed through Asia during their merchant trips. Besides, they ensured that they remained exempted from the Chinese law enforcements (Pollard et al., 100). Later, the European imperialism became stronger. In fact, the British moved into Hong Kong in the early 1900 and began to take charge of territories like, Indochina, Annam, and Tonkin among others (Bickford 60). Similarly, Africans provided extensive labor in the agricultural fields. The Europeans imported slaves from West Africa, and this impacted the mindset of Africans regarding western countries (Hofäcker & Marge Unt1 64). For example, people view European countries as land of better opportunities.

Which of the two “worlds” — old or new–do you think was more profoundly shaped by the connections forged after Columbus’ “discovery” in 1492?

After the Columbus of 1492, the European interactions highly impacted the new world. The exploration led to the discovery of many other opportunities for the European people (Bickford 22). The Europeans learnt that the Africans owned precious natural endowments that would benefit them back at home (Urban et al., 120). They came to Africa in the name of enlightening the people through education, while they slowed explored their valuable resources. Later, they empowered the African and became powerful. Columbus increased the urge of the Europeans to search for better opportunities in other countries.

Laws, Regulations, and Issues of the Social Media

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act prohibits discrimination during recruitment to protect employees who have pregnancy or childbirth-related conditions (Barnard & Rapp, 2009). Further, the act forbids employers from denying workers promotion, forced leave or termination because of a pregnancy. The management should treat employees equally in relation to their ability or inability to work. For instance, if an employee can get a light duty job due to a medical operation, the employer must make a similar offer to a pregnant worker. A case in point is UPS (United Parcel Service Inc) in which the company failed to offer Peggy Young a favorable working condition. As a result, Peggy proceeded on an unpaid leave and lost her medical cover. The organization declined to provide her light duty work, yet it offered such tasks to other employees with medical conditions. Peggy sued UPS and she won the lawsuit at the USA Supreme Court.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal law that prohibits unfairness against qualified personnel who have disabilities. The act protects an employee from discrimination during recruitment, job promotions, award of employee benefits, discharge, and training (Krent, Cairns & Dodge, 2013). It is therefore illegal for organizations to reject a candidate on the basis of disability. During recruitment, an interviewer should ask questions related to the ability to perform duties. Upon hiring a person with a disability, an organization ought to make reasonable provisions for the employee. In Accenture Plc, employees with disabilities obtain flexible work schedules, additional training, and assistive technology. The company also offers an accessible work environment in the layout of the building design.

The prevalence of social media in the workplace has resulted in issues relating to free speech, privacy, monitoring, and state-specific laws. To resolve the issues, executives need to balance between the organization’s interests and the employees’ rights to use social media. These social media rights have led to organizations developing social media policy to manage risks for both the employees and the company.

Personal Business Plan

Educational Goals in the Next Three Years

Currently, I am focused on the task of completing my bachelor’s degree in software engineering. The course is a demanding one – most of my free time is spent writing code fragments and developing algorithms for various types of software applications. My first priority in the next three years will be to master the art of programming in various languages. Java, C, and C++ are some examples of languages in which I hope to show high levels of proficiency once my career kicks off.

The majority of students who are studying for a bachelor’s degree in software engineering or computer science take supplementary courses in business. They are necessary for honing an engineer’s entrepreneurial skills. A good example of such a course is the Certified Public Accountants certification. The convenience of online learning will make it possible for me to combine studies for my engineering degree and the short courses I will select to complement it.

Personal Goals after Graduating from University

After leaving the university, I hope to secure a job that will help me to pay my bills. Additionally, this first job will help me familiarize with the organizational framework of a digital company. I doubt that I will have the financial ability to launch my own startup in three years’ time after graduating. However, I need to retain my focus on this long-term goal and that requires me to begin practicing early.

I believe that have an innovative mind and so I will be in constant search of ideas for development. Part of it involves researching on problems that business professionals in various niches encounter while managing their enterprises. Additionally, I have to continue practicing writing code for the ability to solve complex problems.

Guiding Principles

  • I am always looking for more efficient solutions to common problems in business environments. This is what inspires me to develop software applications with unique abilities that ease the management of digital business processes.
  • I like maintaining high standards with regard to the quality of my work so that it stands out from what other people do.
  • Maintaining a good reputation is another one of the things that keeps me on the right track. Recalling that I aspire to launch my own startup later in life, one of my marketing strategies will be establishment of good customer relations for an increase of repeat sales.

Sources of Motivation

Being able to do something new is one of the things that motivate me. It goes well with my choice of career, which requires a highly innovative individual. Jobs in software engineering pay well. A large salary motivates me – I plan on saving consistently in my first years of employment so that I will have enough money for launching my own enterprise.


My greatest passions are nestled in engineering. For me, there exists great pleasure in having the ability to solve problems efficiently using the least resources possible. Apart from innovating, I also have profound interest in entrepreneurial processes. It happens to be the primary reason why I plan to found my own digital company in the future.

The Most Suitable Industry Niche for my Skill

If an opportunity avails itself, I dream of working in the software development industry. The industry provides aspirants who intend to work in it with a broad spectrum of job opportunities. By the time I graduate from university, I will be well equipped for any work assignments in the programming niche. Before accruing the necessary resources that would be needed to launch a startup, I hope to work as an in-house software developer in a corporate business setting.

Strongest Skills in Marketing

My greatest strength is in developing products that coincide with what business corporations need. Currently, there exists a software application for virtually all business processes that were previously done manually. However, the demand for robust software applications is still high because of the stiffening competition in e-commerce and other niches that are heavily dependent on digital power. Highly innovative tools offer competitive advantage to entrepreneurs who would like raise the profit margins of their enterprises.

Good communication skills are essential for establishing good relationships with customers. I am confident in my ability to connect with people. This skill will help me convince clients into buying my products. Software development involves a lot of critical thinking. In the course of my studies, I have learnt how to anticipate problems and then solve them efficiently.

Benefits to Employers

Employers who hire me will benefit from my high levels of productivity. Referring to my passion for efficiency, I like working quickly and completing tasks that are assigned to me in a timely fashion. This quality makes me a valuable resource in business environments that demand professionals who possess speed and accuracy.

I choose the degree program I am enrolled in out of passion. It implies that I have been expending a lot of effort in trying to acquire all the knowledge I can manage. As a result, I have gained exceptional skill in programing and entrepreneurship. These skills will help me introduce new concepts and ideas wherever I will be employed.

I will have a keen interest on how various business process are run noting that I plan to create a business venture eventually. Garnering the necessary experience that an entrepreneur needs requires me to observe how my employers get by. As I try to earn this experience, I will attend to my duties willingly and in turn, return more investment value to my employers.

Benefits to Society

  • I will be a mentor to younger students in my community who would like to pursue the same career that I am pursuing.
  • Support charitable organizations that are currently trying to solve the social injustices in our societies today.

Factors that Differentiate me from other Students

To be successful as a marketer and as an innovator, it is necessary to be unique. Unlike other students, I will not stop at fulfilling the course requirements that are needed to qualify for a degree. My plans for uniqueness include expanding my knowledgebase by researching extensively. This will involve learning how to use a broader range of programming languages including those that are not part of my curriculum.


I am :- (a) Efficient

(b) Industrious

(c) Skillful

(d) Observant

(e) Punctual

(f) Creative

(g) Productive

Three Checkpoints for the Business Plan in Three Years

Checkpoints assist entrepreneurs in assessing themselves. In the next three years, my first checkpoint will be graduating from university. A degree will be enough proof that have acquired all the fundamental skills that are needed to pursue my choice career. The second checkpoint will be marked by employment. When I find a job, it will motivate me to pursue the financial aspirations I have. Apart from motivation, a job will expose me to one-on-one experiences with clients. This kind of exposure will help me improve my score in customer relations and the ability to network. After I get a job, I will begin writing a comprehensive business plan for my startup. Its completion will be my third checkpoint in the course of the next three years. This will be an important one because once I reach it, I can begin looking for investors to help me advance my ideas.

Factors that Could Negatively Affect my Plan

One of the factors that can easily frustrate me is taking too long before finding a well-paying job. My status as a student does not allow me to earn a lot of money and so, I will have to rely on jobs before gathering enough capital to begin my own venture. After graduating, I hope to get a job in a span of four months. If I find jobs that pay less than what I expect, I won’t turn them down unless they prevent me from searching for better.

Health is the other factor that can prevent me from achieving what I have in mind. Bad health has negative effects on productivity levels of employees.

Positive Factors

Unique innovations that attract investors are easily marketable. If my products will have superior features, it won’t take long to get the necessary funding for full-scale production. Another factor that would greatly favor my plan is getting a job quickly after I graduate. I can use the money from my salary to fund my projects and to look for opportunities of marketing the ideas to investors.

Alternative Career Choices

If I do not get a job in the software development niche, I would opt for a post in customer relations or the human resource department.


Steve Jobs: – He was able to build a company that has remained extremely valuable despite the evolving scope of the computing industry.

Warren Buffet: – He has a natural entrepreneurial drive considering that his interests in business begun showing in his early childhood.

Jeff Bezos: – He founded the world’s largest online retail shop, Amazon, and has remained to maintain the top rank since 1997.

Mistakes in Life

I did not discover my talents in programming early enough. Although I am going to master the art eventually, I would be better than I am currently if I had begun practicing earlier.

Parts of the innovation and entrepreneurship course that will be useful in my career are marketing and discovering niches. I learnt how to attract clients using various techniques.

Enlightenment and Advancement

The age of enlightenment and advancement began between 1500 and 1800. A change in peoples’ mindset, perspectives, and social interaction characterized the events that marked the beginning of a new era. Besides, trade became one of the main activities that steered economic growth among countries. Alike, scientific revolution resulted in independent thought in the fields of mathematics, politics, economics, medicine, and philosophy (Blondé & Van Damme, 2013). The emergence of scientific revolution contributed to the development of industrial revolution in the western countries. Particularly, Europe and China differ and share some similarities in the ways that both countries embraced the age of enlightenment.

I think that Europe is the geographic region that was more advanced and enlightened in between 1500 and 1800. The enlightenment thinkers, Descartes and Locke among others, challenged the status quo by developing a new way of looking at things. The age marked a time that people sought to experience life differently. In Europe, people adapted to the ideas of trade and religion. For instance, the Europeans chose to strengthen business transactions with other countries (Salzmann, 2013). Besides, they performed intensive agricultural activities in order to increase production of food. The enlightenment in Europe marked the beginning or regaining from the loss associated with the Black Death. The Europeans not only embraced the significance of education, but also the importance of new technology at innovating new tools that increase efficiency in production of goods and services. On the contrary, China still upheld traditional practices and beliefs in all sectors of its economy. However, the Chinese adapted to the scientific thoughts of 1600. For example, they accepted the Sino-Jesuit exchange, which was about new technologies.

In conclusion, Europe became more enlightened and advanced as compared to China between 1500 and 1800. Europeans became the first people to embrace technology and education as compared to the Chinese. China began to appreciate scientific advancement in the late 1600. In the last week’s readings, one main question arises: Did cultural beliefs and language barriers affect the transfer of knowledge from Europe to China?

Professional Seminar

Civil engineers play an essential role in the design and construction of various infrastructure. They design projects such as airports, bridges, dams, and roads among others to benefit millions of people. As a civil engineer graduate, I see myself as an important asset to the society since I will assist them in many ways while meeting my career goals. My primary short-term professional goal for the first five years following graduation will entail planning and advancement. There are numerous structures that civil engineers design and assist in building. As such, it is necessary for one to pick a specific area that interests him or her. My goal is to plan and advance structures. No matter what kind of construction, planning is essential. I will achieve that goal through assessing various resources most of which are accessible in the internet. It will be a critical achievement for me since I will be an asset to my colleagues who will be mandated to accomplish a particular structure.

My current skill is sufficient to achieve the planning and advancement goal. Besides designing, civil engineers play the role of educators. As such, they develop policies and codes for safety as well as work on site ethics. During my undergraduate studies, I gained a lot of skills related to this such as consultation, time management, risk assessment, and site survey among others. I believe that I will be in a position to develop essential plans for construction by taking into consideration other essential factors such as safety of workers and the public, risk issues and budget constraints. I will only require a mentor who has sufficient experience in planning and advancement to guide me in the first few projects.